Crank Bros VS Shimano

After the forced winter break (winter was coming, you know, and I still don’t get along with the idea of spinning) it’s time to start biking again.

I switched pedal again, ‘cause I didn’t find comfortable with the Eggbeaters. I tried several times to regulated the cleats, with no luck. Probably my mistake was to not used them with rigid shoes and to not be patient enough to find the right position for the cleats.

However, I’ve decided to give a try to Shimano M520. It was love at first sight!

Almost no tingling nor cold feet at the first cleat placement try and clipping in seems to me like the most natural things ever!

Eggbeaters are probably very good pedals (I know quite a lot of people who are enthusiastic about them), but probably they’re not the right ones for me. That’s life!


~ di lafattaturchina su aprile 23, 2012.


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