Featured on IKEA Hackers!

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Our bike rack was published on IKEA hackers!

If you don’t what IKEA hackers is, you should definitively take a look to it!


Our ikea-hack bike rack!

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In order to maintain the harmony in the family, we had to figure out a compromise between the dimension of our apartment and the fact that I have no intentions to park my bicycles outside. Although a bike rack  seemed like the most obvious solution, we couldn’t find anything that could meet our needs. So, we decided to build it by ourselves. Our two main goals were: 1) it has to stand without drilling the wall, since we’re renting and we’re not allowed to do so; 2) it has be cheap.

Here’s the instructions for building a cool bike rack, that cost less than 40€ (yes, we are extremely proud of it!)


– Bestå legs from Ikea

– Ivar wooden ladder (30×226) from Ikea

– Ekby Valter brackets (28cm – the big ones) from Ikea.

– Some screws, drill, wood glue, an old inner tube, tennis racket grip, felts


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Crank Bros VS Shimano

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After the forced winter break (winter was coming, you know, and I still don’t get along with the idea of spinning) it’s time to start biking again.

I switched pedal again, ‘cause I didn’t find comfortable with the Eggbeaters. I tried several times to regulated the cleats, with no luck. Probably my mistake was to not used them with rigid shoes and to not be patient enough to find the right position for the cleats.

However, I’ve decided to give a try to Shimano M520. It was love at first sight!

Almost no tingling nor cold feet at the first cleat placement try and clipping in seems to me like the most natural things ever!

Eggbeaters are probably very good pedals (I know quite a lot of people who are enthusiastic about them), but probably they’re not the right ones for me. That’s life!

Simple truths

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For more: Cyclist Things Tumblr

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As a follower of the FSM and a cyclist, I couldn’t avoid re-posting this event. More info on +bc webpage

Self-made headset installation tool

•novembre 23, 2011 • 2 commenti

While dRIM tIM placed itself in honorable positions in all the BFF competitions (and Ska even won the Alleycat!), I spent my time in building a cheap homemade headset installation tool.

I took inspiration from here and made some minor changes, mostly according to what I could find at the shop. I added the small washers to avoid the nuts passing through the holes of the big washers. Furthermore, the presence of two nuts per side makes possible to use this tool also as a spacer for the fork, in case of traveling by plane with my bicycle.

Here’s a picture while using it on my new project

Sto In Fissa goes English!

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Today the clock went one hour back and Sto In Fissa started to be written in English.

If I don’t get too lazy, I’ll keep writing races reports also in Italian. I’ll publish them on dRIM tIM’s blog, so keep an eye on that if you wish to read in Italian.

Photo from Brompton website